MICC is a member of The Apostolic Church, UK.  You could read about our doctrinal statement on the Apostolic Church’s website.

In short, we hold to the major beliefs of Christianity.  We are an evangelical church.  That means we take the Bible seriously, we believe Jesus Christ alone can save the world and we think we should tell people about God.

What you might notice about us in practice is that we believe everyone can love God with their hearts, their minds and their strength.

Christians feel something about God.  God moves us in ways we cannot quite put into words.  In fact, one of the best terms in theology is the mystery of God.  God chooses to make Himself known in our hearts.  This is not scientific or logical – feelings rarely are.  So we can say we love God, we relate to God and we trust God.

We also believe we can love God with our minds.  Thinking about God is an important part of Christian life.  The songs we sing are designed to teach us about God and remind us of what we already know.  The sermons we preach are intended to stimulate our thinking even as they challenge our wills and demand a response.  While our hearts feel mysteries we cannot quite express, our minds work to form doctrines that express and safeguard these mysteries.

Christianity is not an exercise in weakness.  We love God with all of our strength.  This means we submit our lives to Him.  Our love for Him is seen in how we strive to do good, fight against evil and put others before ourselves.

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