Children are very welcome to worship in the way their family thinks best.  Some families like to have their kids with them for the whole worship service.  We love it!  The noise, extra movement and lively atmosphere are good for the church and we encourage families to worship God together.  Sure, sometimes kids make a bit too much noise.  Parents are welcome to take their children to the foyer for a few minutes to help them calm down.  When everyone is ready they can come back into the service with everyone else.

We also have an active children’s ministry during our services.  If families want to send their children out to learn about God in a more kid-friendly environment than that is great!  Ade and Gloria Oshinuga head up our children’s ministry.  They help the kids learn through reading the Bible, teaching the Bible, prayer and intentional discipleship.

The family is the key to making disciples of Christ.  So we want to encourage parents to take an active role in helping their children learn about Christ.  Parents can do several things:

  •  Think about and choose the best way for your kids to worship with the church.  You do not have to just drift into one way or the other.
  • Create and follow some kind of plan for your family to worship at home.  Read the Bible together, sing some songs together, pray together and talk about God together.  Your kids will learn your priorities!
  • Pray for your kids.  No, really!  Not just at bedtime or before you eat.  Make praying for your kids part of your own daily time with God.

You could add loads of things to this list.  If you only started with these, though, then you would be making a great start!

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